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    Hurricane Ian is a storm we'll 'talk about for many years to come: National Weather Service director

    Director Ken Graham of the National Weather Service called Hurricane Ian a "historic event" that will be talked about "for many years to come" Wednesday.
    Graham wished this wasn't a forecast he had to deliver. "I wish this wasn't a forecast that's about to come true. This is a devastating storm for parts of Florida, not just along the southwest coast, but also inland due to some of its impacts.
    "This is going to be a storm we talk about for many years to come," Graham said. A historic event is something that happened in the past that is important.
    The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross stressed that they have pre-positioned resources to respond to the Category 4 storm, whose dangerous eyewall is moving onshore in Florida's west cost. The National Weather Service uses weather balloons and radar to track storms.
    I am in the middle of talking to the Emergency Management Director and we're trying to get some updates on the "The speaker is in the middle of talking to the Emergency Management Graham said that it is very common and he will be able to bring the latest information. Residents in the path of Ian were told by Gov. Ron DeSantis to "hunker down."
    There is a storm named Ian that is expected to make landfall in Charlotte County on Wednesday. The storm is expected to be a Category 4, which means it is a very strong storm. The areas that are at the highest risk from the storm are from Collier County to Sarasota County.
    You should hunker down."If you are in any of those counties, it is not safe to evacuate. You should stay where you are. The speaker urges people to prepare for an upcoming storm.
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    First Alert Weather Days declared for weekend impacts from remnants of Ian

    Hurricane Ian is expected to make landfall today as a major hurricane in southwest Florida, bringing with it catastrophic damage. The impacts of the storm will be felt here by Friday, and First Alert Weather Days have been declared for both Friday and Saturday.
    Today and tomorrow will be dry with increasing clouds and cooler temperatures.
    First Alert Friday: Hurricane Ian brings rain and strong winds.
    A First Alert Weather Day is a day when there is a high chance of severe weather. On Saturday, there will be heavy rains and gusty winds, and flash flooding is possible.
    High clouds from the outer bands of Ian have already moved across the region. ʻ Expect sunshine with temperatures near 70 degrees and dry conditions. The overnight lows will be in the upper 40s by Thursday.
    The forecast for Thursday includes dry conditions, but an increase in clouds and winds. This is because of the rain that will come from Hurricane Ian. Temperatures are expected to reach near 70 degrees.
    Rain will start to fall as early as Friday morning. Wind gusts of up to 35 mph are expected. The primary concerns are flash flooding and downed trees. The temperature will be cooler, in the upper 60s to low 70s. This means that you should take any furniture that is outside and is not securely fastened down, and bring it inside so that it doesn't blow away in the wind. The weather will be cool, with highs in the low 60s. It looks like the bad weather will continue into Saturday. Flooding and high winds will continue to be a problem. The forecast for Sunday shows a few showers, but it is not expected to be as wet as previous days.
    UPDATE: Hurricane Ian is expected to make landfall in southwest Florida today and cause catastrophic damage. The outer rain bands from Ian will begin to impact our area Friday, with ongoing showers and storms expected into Sunday. After dumping out of Florida, Ian will make a second landfall along the GA/SC coast. The storm will move over the Carolinas on Saturday.
    The WBTV Weather app is free and available for your mobile device. With the app, you can get the latest WBTV weather forecast and receive weather alerts. You can get the latest weather forecast on the WBTV app on Amazon Fire.
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    UK weather warning: Atlantic storm to batter Brits with rain and 50mph winds

    The remains of a storm from the north are set to hit later this week, bringing with it miserable wind and rain. A storm is coming and it will be wet.
    A lot of the bad weather we've been having lately is because of low pressure from tropical storms over the Atlantic. The deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office told The Sun on Friday that a deeper area of low pressure would move into the northwest of the UK.
    The met office has issued a yellow-rainfall warning for tomorrow."This means that it will rain a lot tomorrow and it will be windy. The met office has issued a yellow-rainfall warning, which means that people should be careful. However, this is nothing unusual for the time of year.
    “At this time of year, the effects of the Atlantic tropical cyclone season can make it difficult to forecast rainfall and wind strengths more than a few days in advance. As a result, the exact timings and strengths may vary throughout the week.” The rest of the week is not going to be good either.
    Today, cold, heavy showers are expected. Cold northerly winds are expected to bring low night-time temperatures in the UK from Tuesday. More exposed areas of North Wales and the West Midlands will see windy conditions as the rain falls. Conditions will also be wet in the afternoon in the far South-West.
    Rain from last night's storm will clear out of the far southwest today, but showers will continue elsewhere, especially in eastern and western coastal areas and northern Scotland. The weather on Wednesday is expected to be sunny with some showers in coastal areas.
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    UK weather: Met Office warns of "severe" 55mph winds as temperatures plummet

    According to the Met Office, gales of up to 55mph are expected in the UK in the next few days.
    Brits can expect a wet and windy weather to arrive in the UK on Friday, which will have started on the other side of the Atlantic.
    There will be heavy rain and strong winds on Friday.
    Annie Shuttleworth, a meteorologist with the Met Office, stressed that such forecasts are not unusual for this time of year and said that the impact of the weather is expected to be limited at this stage.
    Severe gales are possible in northwestern Scotland and Northern Ireland on Friday morning and afternoon.
    The weather will be very windy on the south coast of England on Friday afternoon and evening. There is a chance that the winds could be so strong that they would be classified as gales, but this would only last for a short period of time.
    The jet stream is a strong wind that will push a deep area of low pressure across the Atlantic. This will bring a spell of rain to the UK on Friday with some strong winds following.
    The weekend forecast from the Met Office.
    She said that it is likely to bring some of the strongest winds we have seen so far this autumn. "Saturday will be an unsettled day with blustery showers and perhaps some more persistent rain along the south." The weekend is going to be rainy and windy, but by Sunday it will be drier and calmer.
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